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Sam Klemke's Auto-bio/Graphic novel "Party of 1" reveals the True Life tales of a Gypsy Caricature Artist as he travels across the Globe. This 56 page Alternative Comic Book follows his exploits thru 10 years as he wanders aimlessly, pursues pleasure, discovers humility, dances with danger, encounters romance and accepts his truer destiny.
Robert Crumb reviews Caricaturist Sam Klemke's 'Party of 1' alternative Comic Book
"I find Sam's book to be an amazing document of his life. I believe it to be unique, a story no one else has ever told, not to mention in comic strip form. His work reflects an amazing buoyance of spirit in the face of what is obviously a hard and often lonely way of making a living. He is a real mensch!"
--Robert Crumb, underground cartooning legend and counter culture hero
Dan Clowes, creator of "Ghostworld", reviews Caricaturist Sam Klemke's underground comic book, "Party of 1"
"Loved every minute (page?) of it! If they ever make
a movie of "Caricature" I will bring Sam aboard as consultant."
--Daniel Clowes, Ground breaking alternative cartoonist, creator of "Eightball", "Ghostworld" and "Art School Confidential"
Caricaturist Robert Risko reacts to Sam Klemke's comic book, "Party of 1"
"Sam Klemke's 'Party of 1' sketchbook reports on a subculture that's more shocking than people drinking cockroach milkshakes out of a blender!"
--Robert Risko, world famous caricature illustrator for Vanity Fair, New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly and many others
Sam Klemke's colleague, Harvey Pekar, creator of "American Splendor" comments on  "Party of One", Sam Klemke's graphic novel
"In 'Party of 1' Sam Klemke writes about his long career as a caricaturist, who works long hours in shopping centers and various types of fairs to keep body and soul together. It's a tough life, involving endless hours driving and living in his van across the country and even to Alaska. He not only demonstrates considerable ability as an illustrator, but writer. His stories are absorbing, humorous and sometimes touching.
Check out ' Party of 1' - chances are you'll learn a few things about a lifestyle few of us know about."
--Harvey Pekar, creator of "American Splendor", the comic book and subject of movie of same name, and reluctant media celebrity

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"WoW! Good Looking Book- Sam is a drawing machine!"
--Gus Arriola: 1917 – 2008
Cartoonist Legend; creator of "Gordo" 1941-1985

Caricaturist Dion Socia reviews Sam Klemke's autobio-graphic novel "Party of One"
"I've always been in awe of Sam's razor sharp observation. He immediately targets in on, then amplifies, that which my mortal eyes barely perceive upon first inspection.
His work has always been a favorite by our organizations members that are mercilessly lampooned within it's panels."
--Dion Socia, former president of the International Society of Caricature Artists 2002-2004
Caricaturist & author, Keelan Parham, reviews author Sam Klemke's book, "Party of One"
"Klemke KNOWS how big a fan I am of his stuff. 'Party of 1' is absolutely fantastic! It is even better than Dan Clowes' "Caricature" from years ago, which I also loved. Run, don't walk to get yours today!"

--Keelan Parham, author of "Let's Toon CARICATURES" & former President of International Society of Caricature Artists, 2004-05
The Great Tom Richmond wrote the forward to Sam Klemke's cartoon collection "Party of 1"
"It's great to see the 'early work' of the infamous Sam Klemke. Thanks for the privilege of enjoying your work over the years. Having it all collected like this is fantastic. I'm sure you will sell a ton of them and it will be worth the effort. I am honored to have written the foreword"
--Tom Richmond, Top Dawg Caricaturist and Chief Illustrator for Mad Magazine
(Tom surprised me by sticking my mug in Mad magazine in 2003: It was a spread for the 'Hulk' issue. Thanks Tom!)
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Brilliant cartoonist/ philosopher Tim Eagan  heaps articulate praise on "Party of One", Sam Klemke's comic book travelogue


"Sam Klemke lives in a strange parallel universe -- the world of the itinerant caricaturist. I'm a cartoonist, yet I didn't know until I picked up "Party of 1: Road Kill of an Itinerant Caricaturist" that such a place even existed. They've got their own professional associations, their own conventions, and apparently their own armies of personal demons.

I'll admit to being in awe of them. It's takes balls to go naked into a life of one-shot, two-minute, without-a-net caricature with a crowd of rubes hanging on every stroke of the pen. But Sam definitely has the chops to pull it off. His drawings exhibit the key characteristic of the right-on caricature: they look like they look like somebody. The likenesses carry some critical essence of their subjects that spark that flash of recognition -- even if you've never seen the actual live human they represent.

As this collection shows, however, Sam has a lot more going on than cartoon portraiture. He's also a cartoonist in the broader sense. His wit, wordplay and storytelling skills come together nicely in this seductive, manic biography. He also possesses the one ingredient vital to any humorist: the guts to tell the truth."
Tim Eagan, Counter Culture Cartoonist, and Satirist, creator of the renown strip, "Subconscious Comics"
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