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Order a Caricature
Studio Prices
full color Studio Quality Caricatures by Sam Klemke, Gourmet Caricatures
Sam Klemke, 35 year veteran Gypsy Caricature Artist

Studio prices are :

$50. each person for Black and White
$75. each peson in Full Color

Full body situations are an EXTRA:

$25. each person in Black and White
$50. each person in Color

Include $5. postage for inside the U.S. and $10. for Canada, Mexico and overseas.

1. Arrange the amount of your payment with me via email

2. Send your payment via Paypal


via US mail at P O Box 1927, Eugene, OR. 97740

Studio Caricatures by Legendary Traveling Caricature Artist Sam Klemke

Caricatures drawn in my studio are a different, more refined product than what you might have seen me draw in a public venue. Therefore, they are a bit more expensive than the quick ones I do in public.
Send me clear, focused, well lit photos (jpegs) to this email along with detailed instructions on what you want: multiples, singles, doubles, Color or Black & White, captions, dialogue balloons, body situations, etc.

.....OR, send the photographs to my P O Box which is to the right (and on my card).

Here's how it works. After I receive your payment, I will start the drawing
nd mail the original to you, usually within 2 weeks.
I always take a digital photo of it in case it gets lost in the mail. Let me know if you need a rush job. I am often on the road, but will try to accomodate your needs if I can.
If economy is what you want, perhaps it's best to find me at a fair, a mall or festival.
Ready to Draw for You with love,
Sam Klemke
35 year Veteran Caricature Artist
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