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Studio Prices
full color Studio Quality Caricatures by Sam Klemke, Gourmet Caricatures
Sam Klemke, 35 year veteran Gypsy Caricature Artist

Studio prices are :

$50. each person for Black and White
$75. each person in Full Color

Full body situations are an EXTRA:
$25. each person in Black and White
$50. each person in Color

Include $10 postage for inside the U.S. and $20+ for Canada, Mexico and overseas.

1. Arrange the amount of your payment with me via email

2. Send your payment via Paypal

Studio Caricatures by Legendary Traveling Caricature Artist Sam Klemke

Caricatures drawn in my studio are a different, more refined product than what you might have seen me draw in a public venue. Therefore, they are a bit more expensive than the quick ones I do in public.
Send clear, focused, well lit photos to this email along with detailed instructions on what you want: multiples, singles, doubles, Color or Black & White, captions, dialogue balloons, body situations, etc.

Here's how it works.
After I receive your payment, I will start the drawing
nd mail the original to you, usually within 2 weeks.
I always take a digital photo of it in case it gets lost in the mail. Let me know if you need a rush job. I am often on the road, but will try to accomodate your needs if I can.
If economy is what you want, perhaps it's best to find me at a fair, a mall or festival.
Ready to Draw for You with love,
Sam Klemke
35 year Veteran Caricature Artist

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