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  The quintessential Art historian, Michael R. Delahunt has devoted his life to the arts and is a damn fine artiste himself! A life-long teacher, he shares, translates, and explains art to the common man.
(Not to mention, despite his professorial knowledge, Mike is one of the super-silliest humans you'll ever meet...High praise indeed!)
Michael R. Delahunt
Tom Chalkley, cartoonist, caricaturist and social satirist, is well known for his academic knowledge on all aspects of the Thinking Man's Comics. He teaches Cartooning and Cartoon Studies at Johns Hopkins University, and has had many Cartoons and articles published in the New Yorker and all over the B'more/DC area including his famous Dr.Suessian parody: The Great Go-Goop War. Take a look:
Tom on Instagram

Tom Chalkley
Tim Hosler is the last of a dying breed of highly individualistic artists. Totally self taught, he can do it all, Oil painting, Water Colors, Cartooning, Sculpting, Airbrushing, body art, etc... Astonishingly inventive and resourceful he easily straddles between Fine Art and the Commercial Arts. His billboards are all over the Seabrook, TX and Painesville, OH areas. Oh, and he's one of the funniest dudes on the planet! Call him!


Tim Hosler
You don't need to be psychedelisizing to enjoy this band of Merry Blue Men-- They beat you to it! Blue Man Group is one of the most original and un-categorizable stage shows you'll ever see. Confusing and delighting audiences since 1988, they're act is still Exuberantly FuN, Rhythmic, Textural, Raucus, Embarrassing, Uplifting, Thrilling, Melodic, Hilarious, Peculiar, Hallucinatory and completely Timeless .... They're not called "Mummenschanz on Acid" for nothing! In New York, Chicago, Boston and, yes, Las Vegas. You'll laugh, you'll quiver, you'll kvetch, you'll shoot Cap'n Crunch outta your nostrils! Go!

Blue Man Group
  The Uber-Talented Sculptor/Musician/caricaturist Keith Sandulak is a Canadian National Treasure in the frozen tundra of the Albertan plains.
He's been creating his animal sculptures for decades and sells them worldwide, including his hot spot, the "West Edmonton Mall". He also dabbles in the Musical Arts, Had his own local TV show for years and is a dynamic and charismatic speaker, storyteller and Persuasionist. As we speak, I'm animating one of his monologues about going insane. Buy a bear from him... He's cold up there:

Sculptor Keith Sandulak
  Joe Klemke, my younger brother, is a computer programmer and a whiz at solving software problems. It's all very left brain stuff to me, but his claim to fame is his undauntedness in the face of endless 0's and 1's. He's also the founder of the "Therapeutic Hermeneutic" Movement.

Joe Klemke
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